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We'll tell you anything to get a junkie under your foot, but we promise no fake news and no gossip... just solicitation, hype, and name dropping.

She's Like the Wind

July 27, 2018

Guess who bought a Footjunkie! Stacy Widelitz, co-writer of "She's Like the Wind"; that's who... Check out his bio and then go over to the new testimonial and see what he has to say about Footjunkie... 

Stacy Widelitz started composing professionally at nineteen, but came to prominence with the song "She's Like the Wind," co-written with Patrick Swayze and featured in Swayze's blockbuster Dirty Dancing. Featured on the movie's wildly successful soundtrack, it reached no. 3 on Billboard's top-40 chart (no. 1 among adult-contemporary radio listeners). He has scored features, more than twenty made-for-TV movies, written the end-title song for Disney’s Pocahontas II, and was nominated for an Emmy for ABC's World of Discovery. Stacy also wrote the title song and scored all the episodes of ABC's acclaimed animated series Cro, and scored and composed much of the dance music for the film One Last Dance, which garnered him a Best Music Award at the 2004 Nashville Film Festival. He subsequently joined the board of directors of the festival, serving as board president from 2007 – 2009. Stacy served as president of the board of Grammy-nominated ALIAS Chamber Ensemble, and he is currently the board president-elect of Nashville Opera and past president of Leadership Music.

Bobby Sparks II Is Going Bigger

July 16, 2018

my Brother Bobby Sparks II is in the studio mixing a life's work project and You can be a part of it happening... Check out his Pledge Music campaign . If You are a keyboardist and don't know who Bobby is, start here. You can even get Yourself a Footjunkie and help move Bobby's campaign along as he is offering both Footjunkie SPS-1 and Canvas along with many other killer rewards for Your contribution. It will be a dope soundtrack to add to Your life, i assure You...

It's Yo' Birfday!

June 13, 2018

We have another round of Footjunkie anniversaries. Congrats to these three men and thank You for being my test group: Joseph Wooten on 6-1-17; Kevin So and Warren Evans on 6-12-17 which was my third wedding anniversary ...

¡Footjunkie Canvas Is Here!

June 05, 2018

Well, now that we have an answer for creeping pedals, why not do it cost effectively also. Some of You folks need more surface area to do Your art because Your job is to add color to the band or You may be swapping roles during a gig. Ultimately, it's going to come down to more pedals on the floor. my answer for You is the Footjunkie Canvas. It is 612 square inches of landscape to work with. Set Your pedals where You want them and they will be there when You put Your foot back down. Hit me up if You like; there is a chat box on the bottom left corner. May the force be from You...

It's Yo' Birfday!

May 16, 2018

So we have some belated birthday shout outs to do and one as of today! Footjunkie Birthdays that is. On the "About Us" dropdown menu You will note there is an "Artist" selection. These are the folks that gave me reason to believe in and follow up with making Footjunkie available to serious keyboardist. Well, as of today, nine of those player have just reached the one year point of being in the "Peace of Mind Club". i want to thank them for being a very significant part of this journey. It starts with my wife, Rae Hering, who i made the very first one for. i'm not even sure what the date was. It was in April. The next person i have to mention is Rachel Banua, because she was the one who passionately shouted to me, "Make me one! I'll pay You for it! You need to mass produce these!" So, i designed and made a bunch of prototypes and started doing a lot of research pertaining to sustain pedal issues.The next thing was getting pro level players to try it out. So here is the first set of birthdays: Eric Barfield (5-12-17), Jon Ross (5-12-17), Heidi Burson (5-13-17), Tyrus Sass(5-15-17), Jeff Goodkind (5-15-17), Paul Horton (5-15-17), and Mike Hicks whose anniversary is today. Big thanks and much Love to all of You.

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